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We now carry out air source heat pump installation.

An Air source heat pump absorbs latent heat from the air around it. This energy can then be used to heat your home. Even outside air temperatures below freezing are full of energy and can be used to provide efficient heating in your home or office by either wall mounting or floor mounting units.

Air source heat pumps are very flexible as to the location in which they can be installed. They are often retro fitted, or installed as part of a new build project and we provide a free site survey service. Contact us to arrange an appointment

An air source pump works using a similar principle to that of a refrigerator but in reverse. Heat is absorbed from the outside air down to minus 2 degrees This heat is then processed by the refrigeration system, which results in a higher temperature heat capable of heating your home with warm purified air that is kept at a constant temperature and can be programmed as you would for a central heating system.

Features and benefits at a glance:

As the air is pure, it can help with any breathing problems and allergies such as asthma, hay fever etc.

This pure air is re-circulated and collects all the dust, pollen and dampness in the atmosphere.

This means that it also acts as dehumidifier and a small drip tray is situated inside the unit which will need emptying every week or so dependent of the amount of damp in the property or the pipe can be fitted outside.

As well as controllable instant heating, you can also reverse the air source heat pump for cooling.

The timer can be set exactly the same as all other heating systems so it can come on in the mornings and evenings for an hour on whichever days of the week you require or you can set it to come on when the temperature drops below your comfort level (normally 20 degrees for most people).

The air source heat pump distributes air evenly and circulates around the house.

Read the brochure for high temperature requirements

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